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Rice senbei cooking

🍚🍙 Kids Takeover! 🍙🍚

👩‍🍳👨‍🍳 Our little chefs embarked on a delicious Japanese adventure in the kitchen! 🇯🇵 They whipped up some mouthwatering homemade Japanese rice senbei from scratch! 🤤🍙

🌟 With their tiny hands, they expertly mixed all the ingredients, creating the perfect dough. Then, with pure joy, they rolled and stretched the dough, transforming it into crispy and golden rice crackers. 🥢✨

🔥 The oven sizzled as our culinary prodigies cooked their creation to perfection. The result? An explosion of flavor that left us wanting more! 😋👌

👉 Watch the video to see their culinary masterpiece and get ready to have your taste buds transported to Japan! 🌸🎌




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